Our Story


Eden Learning Spaces (Eden) was borne out of a market research project devised by parent company, Bazaar Group. As a consumer furnishings manufacturer, Bazaar Group had seen the connection children had with bean bags and the research showed a real benefit to using them in the education sector.

A white paper was created based on the findings, which garnered attention from leading educational professionals and was subsequently featured in an article on Learning Rooms.



Eden was developed as a supplier of educational soft furnishings specially designed to enhance the experience of learning. The bright and engaging soft seating cleverly doubles up as teaching tools, helping to bring the curriculum to life through interactive learning. New product ideas can come from interviews, focus groups, trials and tests as well as the Eden ambassador scheme, which was established to:

  • Create meaningful relationships with educational establishments

  • Allow for realistic trials and testing 

  • Provide feedback for improvements 

Similarly, Eden works closely with catalogue partners. Monitoring sales trends, listening to customer feedback and sharing ideas keeps Eden on top of needs, barriers and gaps in the market.

Eden Bean Bag Reading Chair

Eden Bean Bag Reading Chair



OFSTED guidelines, changes to the curriculum and safety regulations are monitored closely, ensuring products are fit-for-purpose with modern teaching techniques, versatile, multifunctional and cross-curricular. 

Eden’s product range has an accessible and affordable pricing structure. This is maintained through constantly assessing the supply chain costs and redistributing value in a way that is cost effective and creates added value for our customers in a busy marketplace. 

Eden BazZoo® Minibeast Bee

Eden BazZoo® Minibeast Bee