SEN & Sensory Learning

Enter the wonderful world of sensory learning experiences. Our range of tactile and visually stimulating resources help to promote inclusive learning as well as supporting a range of specific special education needs.

  • Encourages sensory exploration

  • Aids sensory processing needs

  • Helps calm and reduce anxiety

  • Perfect addition to sensory rooms

The Touch Tags range uses six different textures and colours to create a rich, sensory learning experience. Children of all abilities can enjoy exploring the resources using sight and touch senses.


“People with autism experience the world from a very different sensory perspective. The stability provided by a bean bag seat is ideal for supporting proprioceptive vestibular senses. Everything experienced is accentuated and the deep pressure provided by a giant bean bag helps to keep people calm.”

Kerrie Highcock, North East Autism Society


The lightweight portability means learning can be easily moved from the classroom into a sensory room and even outdoors. The tactile tags are designed to provide a comforting outlet for fidgety fingers allowing children to concentrate on learning. The various seating options can also encourage good posture throughout Early Years and Primary education.

Let natural curiosity lead exploration of light, sound and movement in a calming soft environment. The deep pressure from bean or foam filled cushions provides an ideal source of proprioceptive input. 

Designed with UV lighting and bubble tubes in mind, lessons on space and science feel more vivid and experiential with these sensory resources, for learning that sparks the imagination all the way to another dimension.