Primary Learning

Learning at Key Stages One and Two is exciting, challenging and stimulating. Discover our cross-curricular collection of engaging soft seating and keep your learners comfortable, inspired and engaged as they absorb all that Primary learning has to offer.

  • Features cross-curricular themes

  • Facilitates flexible learning

  • Encourages social interaction

  • Motivates reluctant readers

Children will learn through sensory experience, exploration and self expression. By creating an informal learning environment with lots of variation in learning zones, children will feel relaxed and open to discuss thoughts and feelings and be empowered to take ownership of their learning journey.

The lightweight resources can be picked up and moved with ease, promoting inclusive learning through sensory exploration. Leadership skills can be developed through teamwork and giving responsibility to the children for storing them
away after use.


“The bean bags have been a benefit as they help to reduce stress and the formal nature that some children find difficult. They are bright and colourful which adds to the learning environment. Children who need emotional support and time to chat with adults can use the space, which is non-threatening and helps them feel open to discuss concerns.”

Alexandra Clark, Meadowfield Primary School


Immersive lessons amongst real nature spark the imaginations of children and allow them to learn from themselves, each other, and their surroundings.

The lightweight design of the Eden range makes heading out on an adventure easy. No need to worry about the weather as the fabric is waterproof and wipe clean.

Sit on a bark printed mat in a bird watching hide, kneel on grass printed cushions to observe insects found under logs or make the most of a sunny moment by taking reading and writing activities outdoors.