Early Years Learning

The formative early years are full of wonder, curiosity and discovery. This special time should be met with inspirational and varied learning experiences - so take that first step and explore our early years collection to capture the imagination of young minds.

  • Stimulates imaginative play

  • Perfect for break and nap time

  • Aides in development of motor skills

  • Encourages physical, social and emotional development

The inspiring collections create interactive learning areas where children can learn
through exploration.

Imaginatively themed resources make role-play an immersive part of the learning experience. The stimulating designs encourage children to interact with the resources, their environment and their peers, improving motor skills and social and emotional development. The realistic prints inspire early learners to discover their connection with the natural world.


“The products are great as they are nice and light for the children to handle/move about, they have handles on too which is perfect so the children can carry them to where they want to place them and are very comfy.”

Emma Richardson,
South Tyneside Early Excellence Centre


Curious minds will want to experience the great outdoors with all their senses. Spontaneously head outside with these lightweight, water-resistant learning resources to make the most of the weather.

Children will enjoy the responsibility of carrying their own seat as they explore the natural world. Why not take story time outdoors to connect young imaginations with real-world sensory stimulation.