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Sensory rooms can benefit from bean-filled furniture – the calming sound and tactile nature of bean bags make them popular additions to an interactive sensory environment.

Eden Learning Spaces offers a variety of bean-filled soft seating and floor cushions for users with sensory processing disorders or those that require special educational needs.

Bean bags also provide a comfortable and stable place for wheelchair users to rest outside of the confines of structured seating, making them also suitable for therapy sessions where a more mobile space and limb exercises is required.

For users that may have difficulties in sensory processing, bean bags offer a calming space for children with ADHD, autism or Asperger’s’ Syndrome. The proprioceptive pressure generally provided by beanbags when sat in can help a range of Sensory Integration Disorders (SID) and provide a comfortable and safe seat from which to enjoy other sensory stimulation such as optical or auditory experiences.

Whilst bean bags generally provide a relaxing and calmative effect, Eden Learning Spaces has developed a select number of products specifically for sensory and SEN needs. The Touch Tags product offers a controlled outlet for ‘the fidgets’ with tactile, textured tags featuring around the seams. Encourage sensory exploration and investigation in comfort with this bubble tube bean bag, allowing users to engage with visual sensory experience such as a bubble tube or fibre optic lighting.

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